Experience Language Learning Immersion with Dynamic Language Centre

Corporate Training

Is your company looking to develop team members’ communication skills to improve customer satisfaction?  Or, is language training needed to avoid communication gaps between colleagues, vendors, or customers?  DLC provides customized corporate training tailored to help your company achieve its goals by unlocking the potential of your team members.

Corporate Training

Language Classes

Are you looking to learn a new language for business, social interactions, or as a hobby?  DLC provides progressive and customised programmes for adults, exam preparation and young learner programmes for children, students, and adults, Holiday Programmes, and more!



Interested in learning Mandarin?


Want to develop your understanding of Japanese?



Wish you could understand Korean to keep up with the latest Korean drama?


If you live in Malaysia and don’t understand the Malay language (also known as “Bahasa Melayu”), we can help.


Seeking to develop your English ability?  Whether you are a young child, a secondary student, or an adult, we have a variety of programmes to help you achieve your goals.

Dynamic Kids

Dynamic Kids is your Premier Children’s English programme, located in Penang, Malaysia.  Our qualified, native-speaker teachers meet your child’s English language needs with experience, excellence, and affordability.

Corporate Training
Corporate Training

Experience Language Learning with Dynamic Language Centre

Our dedicated team of trainers, teachers, and team members are committed to helping language learners achieve their goals.

Our aim is simple:  To prepare our language students for effective communication in the real world by bringing language to “real life”.  Whether you desire to learn a new language or improve your language skills, DLC is excited to help!

Why Choose Dynamic?

  • Language Diversity
  • Small Classes
  • Individualized Programmes
  • Interactive Teaching Methods
  • Convenient Location
  • Proven Student Success
Corporate Training